The Reed Family

The Reed Family - Eads, TN

Thank you Hall's Feed and Seed. In over 40 years of gardening, 2015 has produced the best crop of tomatoes we've ever had. The yield has produced beyond what our family could eat and give away. My wife has worked overtime to can/freeze more than ever before. There'll be lots of vegetable soup this Winter! My hat is off to Bonnie Plants for producing such healthy and productive specimens and making them available to the public. You folks at Hall's are equally responsible for this year's success by keeping the stock watered, healthy and protected from the elements until they're purchased and planted. Additionally, I credit the tomato plant food you carry and the magic of Dipel preventing damage from the dreaded tomato worm without poisoning the pollinators. How cool is that? The 12' 4" plant in the picture is living proof of our experience this year. Thank you, Hall's! The Reed Family Eads, TN PS: The tomato plant in the picture is 12' 4" tall