America’s Most Elite Working Dogs

America’s Most Elite Working Dogs

While many of us think of dogs as pets and best friends, many of these same animals were originally bred for working. Even though many dogs do not ‘work’ for their owners the same way we think of police dogs, understanding what your dog was meant to do can really help you understand its behavior. Whether your dog is herding, guarding, or tracking, follow this article to learn more about some of America’s most elite working dogs.

One of the most common working dogs is the German shepherd. Often seen as a companion to police officials everywhere, German Shepherds can help guard, track, and even herd if you have livestock. Not only will they help sniff out the bad guys, they are among the smartest dog breeds in America. Keep in mind that German shepherds are a very active breed and will often need a productive outlet for their behavior. If your dog isn’t working, make sure to play lots of fetch and to keep it busy. Other great guard dogs include Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers. Both animals are strong and come off frightening to those who have never been close to one. These two breeds are also often associated with the police and used abroad in Afghanistan to help protect our troops from danger. These dogs are among the elite because they have an incredible sense of smell, can sense danger, and have a work ethic that cannot be compared to an average house dog. These dogs like so many others are among the best because they help save countless lives all around the world.

Another good group of working dogs includes beagles and hounds. These are great animals if you live in rural areas and enjoy the outdoors. These dogs are at the top of their class when it comes to search and rescue. They are also among some of the best trackers in the world. Even without proper training, these dogs can pick up a scent and run with it until it’s literally out of gas. The scent drive of a bloodhound or beagle is second to none. These animals were bred to help hunt prey without even using their eyes. With proper training, these dogs can find that needle in a haystack and help you find whatever you are looking or hunting for.

Even though many examples of the most elite working dogs include popular breeds such as shepherds and beagles because of their sense of smell and amazing abilities to hunt and protect; there are many other breeds that serve the community and their owners in their own special way. Specifically, Golden and Labrador retrievers are among the best therapy and guide dogs out there. Even though a shepherd will save the life a soldier in the field of duty, a retriever can assist that same soldier here at home if he is wounded or in need of assistance. Regardless of the breed of your dog or the type of dog you currently own, if you understand your dog’s bred behavior; it can help you put it to work to achieve its designed potential for your benefit or the benefit of others. Take time to realize your dog’s working potential and celebrate it with them.