Tips for Cooling off your Pets

Tips for Cooling off your Pets
  • A small wading pool can be a great place for a dog to cool off. Keep it in the shade (hot water won’t help) and change the water frequently to discourage mosquito larvae. Just two or three inches of water may be adequate. Make sure your small dog can get in and out easily.
  • If your dog swims in your pool, supervise him at all times. And make sure he knows how to exit. If there are no steps or shallow areas, make sure the pool is fenced off to keep your dog from falling in. Sadly, many dogs drown each year, not because they couldn’t swim, but because they jumped in but couldn’t get out again.
  • Provide cool, clean, fresh water in a weighted bowl repeatedly throughout the day. For an outdoor dog, it’s a good idea to offer two bowls in different locations, in case one is overturned.
  • Take advantage of all the new products designed to keep your pet cool, such as automatic water dispensers that attach directly to faucets, misting fans, thermal dog houses, and gel-filled beds, jackets and bandanas that stay cool for hours. There are even booties to protect your dog’s feet from hot pavement.
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